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We help companies grow with Facebook, Instagram & Adwords campaigns.

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What we do

Squiply helps companies grow
with smart ad campaigns.

Squiply specializes in helping businesses scale revenue through paid advertising. Our small team helps you get the most out of the likes of Facebook & AdWords - setting you up with a smarter way to connect with more customers.

Update We've just added some showcase videos to our portfolio. Check it out »

Why you'll love Squiply

We help businesses like yours grow with targeted, relevant advertisements.
We're keen on helping you scale with partners you can trust.

Smarter sales funnels

Building an intelligent sales funnel requires great planning and timely execution. Squiply helps you with both.

We iterate

There's no such thing as "set and forget" with us. We're always looking at new ways to build and optimize your campaigns.

Stellar track record

Every client has seen clear improvements in results. We'll work endlessly on hitting the right KPIs for you.

Data monkeys

We absolutely love diving into data. Learn more with us and have your campaigns scale with business intelligence.

We believe

Great campaigns start with fantastic teams and the right product. Working with you means we truly believe in what you offer.

Part of your team

We integrate seamlessly into your team. We're incredibly responsive on Slack, or any communication channel for that matter!

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    “The difference is very clear when working with Squiply. Our Facebook ads are performing very well, something we did not expect when it came to B2b leads. Great job :)”
    Dominik Vacikar
    Co-founder -
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    “We've saved a lot of time and energy by working with Squiply. Probably the best thing is the amount that I've learned about online marketing while under their wing... champions”
    Valentin Gorsek
    Owner - 4Endurance
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    “Squiply takes care of our Facebook advertising. They've helped bring new clients our way and showing that Facebook is really lucrative for us.”
    Jesper Djorup
    Doktor Akupunktur - CEO

We're ready to help you grow your business.