Dedicated AdWords Campaigns.

Squiply helps businesses like yours grow through advertising on Google.

AdWords can be a level playing field if you play your cards right. We'll make sure you're incredibly competitive on their ad network - meaning we guarantee you spend less than the typical advertiser. Importantly, we ensure that your Adwords strategy fares well with your margins - leading your business to see better returns. Our focus with most our clients is cost per acquisition.

We also do social

We create and optimize smart ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram.

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And video too...

We help brands tell their story through video.

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Our Promise To You

Smarter Funnel

We work with dynamic keyword insertion - meaning your landing pages will be customized for every keyword. This means $$$ for you.

A lot of Optimization

There's no such thing as "set and forget" with us. We monitor and update your campaigns daily to keep things optimized.

Part of Your Team

We integrate seamlessly into your team. We're incredibly responsive on Slack, or any communication channel that you choose!

More Sales & Leads

If this isn't the first site you've read about Adwords, everyone promises 'more traffic'. But because you pay per click on Adwords - that means higher costs. Instead, we promise more sales with less traffic.


We perform cost-benefit analyses on your keywords, taking into consideration what you offer as a business. Sometimes, your sweet spot may not always be on the #1 position. Other agencies don't tell you this.

Start With a Pilot

We run pilot campaigns for our new clients, helping you find value through Google AdWords, and any other ad network that could be lucrative. There's no long contract and no massive retainer. No more than a few weeks of commitment for you to test the waters with us.

Let's get started.

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No Setup Fees

Reinvest it into your test budget.

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You're in great company

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